KINGz of Gaming Custom Maps Server to get a makeover

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KINGz of Gaming Custom Maps Server to get a makeover

Post by Administrator on Fri 12 Jun - 10:18

It's time for a makeover. A major makeover. New maps and admins who will be willing to play on the server often and keep it populated and free of asshats. Keep in mind though, that the server settings will not be changed. There will not be any changes to the rules. If it is in the game it will be allowed. If there is a problem with players who are spawn camping and killing, then we will just remove that map. Campers will still be allowed to camp. Kill cam will be on so you can always go after the Noobtubes will still be allowed. Like I said, all settings will stay the same.

We might have to delete a lot of stuff to clear out the mods folder. There are way to many unused IWD files and other crap in there. We also might have to change the mod to AWE4 instead of the AWE1.2 that's in there now.

Anyone willing to volunteer to take on this task please post here. The members with the most experience in working with custom modded servers will be picked above others will less experience.

All Admins for the server will have to be fair in their judgment when kicking or banning players. If a player is believed to be hacking try to get proof. If a player is extremely verbally abusive, kicking that player will be allowed. More discussion is needed to keep all admins focused on what will be acceptable punishment for problem players.

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