KINGz of GAMING Custom Maps #2!!!!

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KINGz of GAMING Custom Maps #2!!!!

Post by Administrator on Sat 11 Jul 2009 - 11:47


KINGz of GAMING Custom Maps #2!!!

I'm happy to say I am working on another server. KINGz of GAMING Custom Maps #2!!! (also located in the UK). This server will be a small 16 slot server with small to medium sized maps. I expect this server will appeal to those members and players who enjoy a more relaxed casual gaming experience. I will post the IP address as soon as it is ready. I will be paying for the server out of my own pocket, Since this is my own project and idea.

UPDATE!! {KING} Custom Maps#2 is now open and ready for a test run!!

The hardest part will be the beginning. With custom map servers and other mods, you may have difficulty downloading the IWD's and maps, but once they are downloaded, it should be easy sailing. I will be making fine tune adjustments to the settings, as they may not be the best at the moment.

I created this server primarily for KINGz members, but it is open to the public. It's small and intimate for casual fun game play. It is running AWE mod 1.2., you will start at rank one, but have all of your weapons and perks to choose from. I only have about 8 or 9 custom maps, I'll be adding more during the week. I will also give rcon rights to some members of the team.

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