Need for Speed World is a PC-exclusive Need for Speed MMO

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Need for Speed World is a PC-exclusive Need for Speed MMO

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Electronic Arts has stated a preference to cut back on packaged retail games and transition into a publisher that provides service-based digital goods. When I brought up that point at a recent EA showcase to Marc De Vellis, a producer on Need for Speed World, he affirmed it, noting that the game is “huge for the company [EA], huge for Need for Speed.”

Need for Speed World is a PC-exclusive Need for Speed MMO that is in development at EA Black Box and EA Singapore. It’s a major part of EA’s push toward digital services; the game is a free-to-play, microtransaction-based MMO, which is a market that the publisher already took a stab at with 2009’s Battlefield Heroes. This is certainly the first attempt at an MMO in NFS history [aside from 2001’s Motor City Online --thanks, Triple Up!]; in fact, De Vellis asserted that nobody’s ever done a racing game like this.

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Since our last rather in-depth preview of Need for Speed World, we've been lucky enough to get some more hands-on time with the title. At its core, there's not much more to say since last time: it's an ambitious and potentially fantastic MMO version of the Need for Speed series. If you like those games, there is a good chance you'll like this. However, for those who missed last time, EA Black Box has taken much of what made up Need for Speed Carbon and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, tossed together some new areas to unite the worlds, added a stronger focus on multiplayer to MMO proportions, mixed in power-ups and new games modes, gave it a whirl, and are now almost ready to release it to the public.

Even more, EA was ready to show me their new pricing structure for the game. It's a little different than many might expect, but it could certainly prove appropriate for Need for Speed fans. Even more, EA talked a bit about their Facebook integration, so those ready to move past FarmVille, please step up.

Sit down, buckle up, and follow the jump for my hands-on with Need for Speed World.

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