{KING} Custom Maps for COD:W@W - UPDATE!!

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{KING} Custom Maps for COD:W@W - UPDATE!!

Post by Administrator on Sat 24 Jan - 6:32

{KING} Custom Maps for COD:W@W


KINGnoobSauce wrote:I uploaded 3 more maps to the server today now there are 5 total.
2 of the new ones are small in file size, and the other medium.
I also made a map pack with all of the 5 maps that are on the server.
In the pack are all the files and a readme which tells you how to install them.
maps now in rotation: mp_glassatwar, mp_woodland, mp_yuko, mp_waw_burgundy, mp_ratskitchen

Here are the instructions on how to manually install the custom maps into your pc. You must be a registered user of our forum to view the instructions

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