COD: W@W - {KING} Custom Maps....UPDATE!!

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COD: W@W - {KING} Custom Maps....UPDATE!!

Post by Administrator on Sun 1 Feb - 8:20

COD: W@W - {KING} Custom Maps....UPDATE!!

I have mixed the custom maps up with the stock maps until patch 1.2 comes out and there are more maps available. This will enable players to download a little & play a little. This way they don't have to download all at one time for 4 This also gives them a chance to read our scrolling message that instructs them to come to our website for fast download of all custom maps. So far it seems to be working great!! I already had the server full of players!!

Look through the other announcements for download information. Players must be registered on our forum to download the custom maps. Or you can always just park your account on the server to let it download overnight.
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