i want to join KINGZ OF GAMING.

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i want to join KINGZ OF GAMING.

Post by zepp65 on Thu 16 Apr - 23:19

1 - What is your first name? :George
2 - How old are you? :44
3 - What country do you live in? :usa
4 - What game are you joining us on? :grid on pc
5 - What is your current in game name? :zepp65


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Re: i want to join KINGZ OF GAMING.

Post by Guest on Fri 17 Apr - 4:06

hello and welcome to our home george, u will get a decision on ure application to join KINGz of gaming at the end of 30 days.

to help you with ure application u must be gaming with us on ure choosen game,
be active on our teamspeak to get to know the other kingz in ure choosen game and the other kingz so u can get a idea of us and us of u, use the forums as much as u can.
doin the above will go along way in helpin ure application good luck Smile


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Re: i want to join KINGZ OF GAMING.

Post by Administrator on Fri 17 Apr - 5:06

Hi George,

Welcome to our KINGdom. Please look at this post so you can install Teamspeak (teamspeak information click here)

Spend some time gaming with us and get to know the team members. This gives us and you time to decide if we are a good match. We expect our team members to be active in gaming, post on the forum, chat with us in the chat room & teamspeak.

You can expect some great GRID racing over the weekend. Good luck and I hope to catch you on teamspeak and in game.


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Re: i want to join KINGZ OF GAMING.

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